Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Property Valuers

You nine you’re harvesting the second property it was this beautiful linear theory that just was always sold those brokers are out there because I get a lot of those emails coming in you know in my paper capacity of companies and promoters and people sort of saying – you know in blah blah blah so yeah so ultimately they’re still out the retrying to push this agenda well the good thing about that is open my mind up to looking outside of you know because backing you know I’ve said this before.

It wasn’t it’s not the mainstream barbecue topic that it is now i remember it was was talking about mate who I went to union with us it may come along to this some this seminar he has made you’re going to get bird this ripoff and there was no one else I could invite or talk to because no one else was interested into it was just this you know pioneer sort of i was in a room full of you know third late s to- largely men and all I was there and I was in the front row and I couldn’t wait to get up there listen it sown again.

it’s becoming mainstream Property valuers Perth cost because if you look at all the investment opportunities out there at the moment term deposits another good super is an option so everyone’s looking towards property because it seems to be stable and at the moment the media seems to be talking it up and it is going up so in the two Maya cities so translatable very relocatable there you go now we talked about the rule before on this podcast mature we have but let’s-go there again rule of folks is Avery quick formula i think was no wig is back in the more money days oh he loo kit’s been around but just in terms of know yeah but in terms of i think it’s the first place i saw yep rule of is very simple if you want to work out how-many years it takes.