Property Valuer Melbourne You Should Never Make

levee failure here would mean probably in addition by saltwater which would then get pumped all of these other places clearly an outcome that we want to avoid in addition because of the way these lands are farmed and because of the peat soils it’s actually significant source of carbon emission so they’ve actually estimated that about percent of the state’s.

Total emissions come from this Melbourne Property Valuers area I love which i think we see an opportunity and the US Geological Survey has been doing research for over years in the Delta looking at possibly ecosystem services and we think they think that there’s a vision of the delta that could be changed it could be an ecosystem services platform instead of maybe what it is today and looking status as research and others we’ve sort of identified some he doesn’t services that we think are important one is the land accretion.

Basically the way this works sorry is to change agricultural practices not only into lower impact them sort of low-carbon farming but also to radically change over to a system where people would actually farm native wetland they’re called to lead and there’s a couple of pictures here on the slide and the idea that these grasses actually sequester carbon and at the same time as they grow they help to sort of build up the landing at so over decades if managed they could potentially sequester lot of carbon as well as to help build out some of these places that have.