Five Things To Know About Valuation

Bank of your business banker and say look I’ve got a valuation here now the bank can’t use that valuation okay so what you dos you want the valuation reassigned tithe lender which means your banker needs to trigger the same valuation with the same lender but they need to order it internally through their own system the same valuation is likely to come back because builders did their valuation week ago why would it go back into different valuation and do independent research where he did the same valuation on your property just a week or two ago.

That’s how you get the valuation redirected back to the lender and that’s when you can control an influence devaluation process by using local agents to do majority of the legwork for you getting the highest opinion and then presenting that information to the value up and then the valuable give you the actual valuation which will go to the bank in fact in fact in most cases you’ll never see the valuation okay even even your banker might not see it they’ll just they’ll just have the amount that I came in it and that’s how you can increase your line of credit so that’s the best way to control.